Of course, not everyone has a PA that monitors your planning and takes work out off your hands. However, there are a lot of simple adjustments you can make to your daily schedule, which ensure that you spend your time efficiently.

1. Do not disturb! – Put your smartphone on ‘Do Not Disturb’-mode. Nothing is as tempting as grabbing your phone directly when a new message or e-mail comes in. Unfortunately, this causes a lot of distraction. If you don’t expect an important message, check your phone at fixed times. Nine out of ten messages can wait for your response.

2. Check your e-mail only three times a day – Make it a habit to check your e-mails on fixed moments. For example, in the morning when you start working, in the afternoon after lunch, and in the evening before you go home.

3. Make that old-fashioned phone call – Don’t hesitate to pick up your phone for an old-fashioned phone call. E-mail and communication apps like Whatsapp and Slack are great communication tools, but if you really want to discuss important matters and have a quick answer, a phone call is often the most efficient way of communicating for both parties.

4. Take time to organize – Allow yourself a moment to organize things. Whether it concerns your inbox, your calendar or your documents; an organized way of working reduces stress and gives you more piece of mind. See this “time to get organize” as a gift to yourself.

5. Take a break – Hours of non-stop tapping behind your laptop are killing for your productivity. Give yourself a break every few hours. Get a coffee, read an inspiring article or go outside for a walk. If you struggle with this every now and then, schedule your breaks and stick to them. Taking a break also requires discipline.

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