As a personal assistant you are available 24/7. When you’re on the road, you’re probably working from different locations. All you need is your laptop, power, internet connection and a good cup of coffee. I regularly work from different locations. Below my favorite flex workplaces: close to my hometown Venlo and further into the country. Not only useful for PA’s, but also nice to know for your clients!

1. Chateau de Raay, Baarlo – When I’m not working from my office in Venlo, I like to settle down at Chateau de Raay, Baarlo. This beautiful chateau is part of Sandton Hotels and offers, besides a beautiful environment, free parking and a delicious menu. This location also offers nice meeting rooms and presentation rooms. The staff is very kind and thinks along with you. Chic and affordable.

2. Milk en Cookies, Venlo I love my office in Venlo, but if I want to work from a different location or combine a meeting with a breakfast or lunch, I like to go to Milk and Cookies, Venlo. Here they serve all kinds of great coffees, tea and they offer an extensive lunch menu. The place opens at 8:00 AM. Perfect for early morning meetings with clients that can appreciate ‘casual’. A disadvantage is that there are only a few sockets, so make sure your laptop is charged.

3. Sablones, Venlo – Sablones at the Kaldenkerkerweg in Venlo offers beautiful offices and professional meeting rooms. Ideal when you need to organize a meeting for a group. The great thing about Sablones is that you only pay for what you use. You can book a meeting room online and pay for a half day or a full day. Flipovers, whiteboards, beamers, copy machines, coffee and tea are all present. The disadvantage of this location is paid parking.

4. The library, in every big city – If you want to work in a quiet environment, the library is the perfect working spot when you’re on the road. Almost every library has a catering section where you (also as a non-member) can go to work quietly. Perfect if you must concentrate a few hours in a row. The disadvantage of the library is that it’s not appreciated if you have to make telephone calls. Plan calls before or after your visit. Make sure you sit near an exit, so you can go outside if you must make an important phone call.

5. Starbucks In 2007, the first Starbucks opened in The Netherlands. Meanwhile there are more and more Dutch establishments and when I am near a Starbucks, I’m happy to bring a visit. Starbucks is not a place to work yourself through complicated documents or discuss complex topics, but to check your e-mail or work out minutes, the atmosphere at Starbucks is perfect. The music is relaxed, there’s Wi-Fi, there are enough sockets and the coffee is fantastic.

6. Seats2Meet – Seats2Meet is especially designed for flexible professionals. There are various locations spread throughout the Netherlands. On the website of Seats2Meet you can check which location is closest to you. I regularly work from Seats2Meet at Strijp-S, Eindhoven. It’s centrally located, easily accessible, it offers nice sitting areas, a good internet connection, catering; everything you need is there.

7. De Hallen, Amsterdam Just outside Amsterdam canals between the Rembrandt Park and the Vondelpark are ‘De Hallen’ (The Halls). It’s a huge industrial hall with fancy food stalls and cozy sofas, bars and tables. If you are in Amsterdam this is the ideal place to work in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a parking garage underneath De Hallen, so you don’t have to search for a parking space in the busy streets of Amsterdam. Don’t forget to text your exact location if you have a meeting with someone. The place is so enormous that you might get lost looking for each other.

What’s the location of your favorite flex desk? Let me know and who knows, we will soon meet at a beautiful location that is not yet included in this list!

Copyright PA-Dynamics © 2017 – Translated from original Dutch article