As a busy executive or manager, you prefer to focus on starting new projects, chasing leads, visiting business conferences and inspiring events, dining with clients, finding investors and many, many other activities that are directly relevant to the success of your company. Things like updating your calendar, booking flights, taking minutes, and preparing presentations are part of your daily business, but they are probably not on top of your priority list. Fortunately, there is a perfect solution for you, so you don’t have to think about these ‘side-issues’ anymore. Read below eight reasons why a PA is exactly what you need.

  1. Your PA is your sparring partner: Consider your PA as your business buddy. Whether you have a virtual PA, or a PA that is regularly at your office; having a PA means your sparring partner is always one call away. It is very common that within your own team, not all team members dare to be honest with you. Also with substantive questions about, for example, an important strategic proposal or a recent market research you can call in your PA if you need someone to brainstorm with objectively. Your PA is here to talk openly to, so you can make better decisions.
  2. Your PA is your gatekeeper: If you are feeling tired, have lost your motivation or feel that some things are slipping through your fingers, your PA is there to listen to your story. Your PA will advise you and will do everything within his/her professional power to make sure you can move forward again.
  3. Your PA knows how to calm the place down: Your personal assistant proactively picks up tasks and ensures that you don’t forget anything. Your PA will make sure that your work-load is structured and scheduled according to your needs. Consider your PA as your living to-do-list, that helps you and reminds you anytime and everywhere. This prevents stress and ensures that you always work with a relaxed mindset.
  4. Your PA is your link between work and private life: Your PA can assist you both professionally and privately. Do you have difficulties in finding balance between work and private life? Do you feel like you don’t see your family enough? Do you have certain sports goals you want to achieve this year? Balance between business and private life calls for tight time management and your PA is your personal planning expert.

  1. Your PA is your technical researcher: You have a new phone? Driving a new or different car? Do you have to work with a new software or smartphone app? Of course, you don’t have the time to figure out how all these new gadgets and goodies work. Your PA investigates all your new products, devices and apps for you and sends you a handy overview of only the things that you need to know. Your PA also can set up technical gadgets remotely for you. This way you know exactly how to keep working easily and quickly.
  2. Your PA is your pit-bull: A professional PA never takes ‘no’ for an answer. Your PA negotiates for you and will ask, call, e-mail until your PA has achieved what you want him/her to achieve.
  3. Your PA is your personal independer: Your PA takes the time to compare prices for you. Whether it concerns insurances, subscriptions, flights, taxi rides, dinners or overnight stays; your personal assistant will find the best and cheapest options for you, so that you only have to choose from three options, instead of a hundred.
  4. Your PA is your behind the scenes back-up: Your PA takes a lot of time-consuming tasks out of your hands, so you only have to concentrate on your most important tasks. You don’t have to worry about side-issues anymore, because your PA makes sure that everything goes smoothly and professionally. Daily business continues, so you can focus on your core-business.

Convinced? Please contact PA Dynamics for more information about our PA services for busy executives and managers. PA Dynamics also offers special package deals, for example ‘PA for a Day’ and ‘PA on Demand’, in case you’re in need of a personal assistant occasionally. Let’s get things done!

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