Your client or manager travels around the world and as a personal assistant you ensure that he or she travels from A to B as quickly and as comfortable as possible. Not all PA’s or secretaries work on a budget, but you can always assume that it will be appreciated if you put a little effort in looking for the best prices. The cheapest option is not always the best one, but the best option doesn’t always have to be expensive. Here’s how to save on travel costs for your client or manager.

1. Should a meeting even take place face-to-face? – If you are setting up a meeting on request, always investigate if it’s possible to organize the meeting via a conference call, for example via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. This saves all participants traveling time.

2. To carpool or not to carpool? – When traveling is necessary, check who the participants are if it’s possible to carpool. Carpooling does not only saves costs, but it also makes it possible to have pre-discussions while sitting in the car together.

3. Try to make meeting participants travel together – Are multiple people traveling from the train station or the airport? Arrange a combined transfer, taxi or rental car for multiple participants.

4. Sign up for loyalty programs – For managers who travel a lot, you can make their trips more enjoyable by registering for reward programs. These programs make it possible to collect credits and receive extras and upgrades, for example on hotel bookings or flights. These credits can also be used for personal travel, so your clients can treat themselves or their families to some extra luxury.

5. Always book in time – Always book a trip as quickly as possible. The longer you wait with your bookings and reservations, the higher the fares of flights and hotels.

6. Hire a corporate travel agency – If you’re spending a lot of time searching for good flights, hotels and comparing prices, consider outsourcing this work. A corporate travel agency takes a lot of work out off your hands. For example, I use the services of Rob van Lieshout en Bram Beurskens Corporate Travel Management, CWT (Carlson Wagonlit Travel) and Corporate Traveler. Large companies often already have agreements with such companies. How it works? As a PA you will usually be assigned to an account manager. This account manager receives a fee for his or her services to you. In complex traveling and larger groups, a corporate travel agency is an absolute must.

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