What our clients say

“Janine was the best wingman I ever had”

There are plenty of examples of Janine’s support. But one occasion stands out. I bought my house in Eindhoven from another expat who now lives in Sweden. We both were hardly in the country, but we needed to meet each other at the notary for the transaction.

One day before the meeting at the notary’s office, we realized there had been a miscommunication and the money had not been transferred to the notary yet. I asked Janine to step in and help me work through the language and technical issues whilst I finished other company matters.

She dove into the situation. Contacted the bank, the notary and, in a very respectful way, pushed everybody to get it solved. Thus she enabled the transaction of the house to take place on time.

This is just one example of my experience with Janine, any subject hands on to find a solution. She has been my PA for 2,5 years at NXP and she has definitely been the best wingman I ever had.

Steve Owen

EVP Global Sales & Marketing, NXP Semiconductors

“Janine is my PA role model”

Whenever I was stuck in a situation I thought about how Janine would solve it. I checked previous emails how she shared information, arranged meetings or asked for inputs. In my career as an assistant I have never met such an assistant role model like her before. All her correspondence was very polite, respectful and friendly even though I knew the pressure was sometimes enormous. Janine has been a mentor and it was a great pleasure for me to work with her and learn from her.

Martina H.

Personal Assistant

“Janine is a flexible on-site hostess who always shares her experience and is extremely customer focussed”

We were holding a series of meetings/workshops over five days involving 60+ oncologists. Prior to the event, we acknowledged that we would need the assistance of an experienced on-site hostess. A former client of Janine recommended her for her vast experience and troubleshooting capabilities.

Janine truly dove into the event information and made sure she was on top of everything. Janine ensured that the attendees were the main focus of the event. Janine’s experience and excellent customer focus ensured that the event ran extremely smoothly and was a great success.

Susan Lindsay

Senior Administrative Assistant, Eli Lilly

“Janine knows how to maximize the wow effect with minimal budget”

It was my ultimate dream to show my collection on a catwalk. However, being an introvert and busy creative mind, I could not see how I would get it done. Janine convinced me with her ever-present enthusiasm to push on. I took care of creating an unforgettable collection. Janine took care of organizing my show. Her resourcefulness is exemplary. Janine helped me realize my dream.

Monique Désar

fashion designer

“Janine is my lifeline in the Netherlands when I am abroad”

I am an expat who moved to The Netherlands, together with my wife and two children. Although we are settled in our new home country we still run into several differences in way of living between the 2 countries.

For example, healthcare is organized differently in the Netherlands compared to Singapore. So my family felt somewhat lost when needing healthcare which was unsettling knowing that I would be out of the country often.

Having Janine’s support has been enormously beneficial to both the speed of getting things done and my piece of mind when travelling on business. She not only responds to what we ask, she also thinks about what we need.

MNC Executive