As a secretary or personal assistant, you are participating in business meetings as a chairman or a minute-taker. People are switching from topic to topic. Some discussions are taking up way too much time and participants are talking about non-important details. A few people are staring out, thinking: ‘What am I doing here?!’ If this sounds familiar to you, I will now share some great news with you: as a personal assistant or secretary you have the power to change these inefficient meetings. Here’s how!

Check #1: Is this meeting really necessary?

Everybody wants to take a piece of your client’s or manager’s precious time. When you’re planning a new meeting or receiving a request for a meeting, first ask yourself: is this meeting really necessary? Most time is wasted by spending hour after hour in meetings and discussing topics that actually could have been dealt with by e-mail or a phone/video call. When someone requests a meeting with your client, be sure to act like a gatekeeper. What does this person want to know from your client? What does he want to discuss? Ask this person if he/she wants to e-mail his questions (list of topics) to you, so you can check everything in advance and decide whether an appointment is needed, or the matter can also be handled by e-mail or even by telephone.

Check #2: What’s the purpose of this meeting?

If your client believes that it’s necessary to schedule a meeting, question number two is: what do you (= meeting caller) want to get out of this meeting? What do you want to achieve? Is there a decision that needs to be made? Are there ideas that need to be worked out? Do tasks have to be distributed? Is there important information be given? Without a purpose every meeting is meaningless, so make sure your client or manager knows what is expected of him/her, so that he/she can enter every meeting well prepared.

Check #3: Can I prepare something?

Ensure that meeting content, like documents and presentations, is collected in advance and delivered to your client and all participants on time. I always make clear to all participants that meeting content must be delivered 24/48hrs in advance. TIP: save documents as PDF-files. This makes all content easy to read on all devices and the reader can easily add comments and notes to the documents.

Check #4: When should I send the meeting content to my manager?

Ensure all meeting content is sent 24/48 hours in advance to all participants. When your manager is on the road or is about to go on a business trip, keep in mind that all documents are readable so your manager can prepare the meeting while traveling.

Check #5: Does this meeting need a debriefing?

It is always a good idea to check with your manager after the meeting what has been discussed. What are the outcomes? Are there any action points that need to be scheduled? Is a follow-up appointment necessary? Don’t wait too long with this follow-up because your manager’s memory is most accurate soon afterwards.

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