PA on Demand

Looking for a personal assistant on demand? Especially for executives and managers who only need support in certain periods of time, PA Dynamics offers the ‘PA on Demand’ package. With this package you can use the services PA Dynamics provides, but only at times when it is actually needed.

The ‘PA on Demand’ package is especially designed for executives, managers, CEOs and CFOs who only need a personal assistant in busy periods. For a fixed amount per month, you can use the services of PA Dynamics at any time that suits you.

‘PA on Demand’ offers you the opportunity to hand over certain tasks, so you’ll have more time for other business activities. A personal assistant on demand offers you an extra hand in for example: scheduling appointments with your clients, organizing recurring events, or monitoring your e-mails and agenda during busy months or holiday periods. Whatever needs to be done, PA Dynamics has got your back

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